Open that door
It isn’t locked
I’m running out of blames
Truth to be told

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Creep – Radiohead

What I love about this song is that it is brutally honest. The lyrics, the riff, the mood. It doesn’t ask you to feel. It is the way it is and you feel spellbound to its core message. In a way, negativity is just on the surface, deep down this song is the emotional treasure. It is just the starting point to the next phase.

Go for it guys. We’re creep. We’re weirdo.

Rock n Roll.

How to build mental strength?

Be supple mentally. Strength does not lie in being firm and strong but in being pliable. The pliable tree stands in a gale. Gather the strength of a swift mind. Life is strange, so many things happen unexpectedly; mere resistance will not solve any problem. One needs infinite pliability and a single heart. Life is a razor’s edge, and one has to walk on that path with exquisite care and with pliable wisdom.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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On 60th death anniversary of Albert Camus

“The systematic waste of able-bodied individuals in the county is not only killing the country but also the lively and vibrant ideas that will ensure its future. This is what we must avoid and it’s this situation that we must remind people of every day, every hour if necessary in all articles, all broadcasts, all gatherings, and all proclamations aimed at those who set the pace of this war. The rest is up to us.”

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